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Residential Cleaning


  • A complete mobile cleaning service comes to your home. Courteous and experienced operators, thoroughly trained in all areas of cleaning, will answer any questions you may have.
  • Only the technician and his cleaning tools enter your home. All other equipment remains outside in the truck. The danger of damage to furnishings and the possibility of spilling water is eliminated!
  • No harsh or abrasive chemicals are used. Our deep cleaning system dries fast, leaving the carpet soft and the color brighter.
  • PET PROBLEMS? We offer expert spot, stain and odor removal service.
  • Estimates are quoted either by phone or online. Charges are based ONLY on the total square footage of carpet cleaned. Areas to be cleaned are carefully measured so that you are never overcharged.
  • The latest technology is used by our trained and competent operators. No soapy, sticky residue remains in the carpet from our cleaning process. Specific attention is paid to problem areas with any number of our uniquely formualted prespotter treatments.
  • Special equipment cleans deep without wetting the back of your carpets. Dirt, soil, soapy residue, and powders left by previous cleaners are extracted and discharged through our hose into the truck outside, lessening the future soiling risk.
  • Both wet and dry cleaning of fine fabric are performed in your home. You are not inconvenienced and your furniture does not run the risk of damage. Draperies can be cleaned in place. Our safe process will not shrink or harm delicate fabrics.
  • Your furniture is carefully moved and replaced upon completion of the cleaning process. Protective tabs or blocks are placed under your furniture to protect your carpet.
  • Safe, fast-drying fabric protector, with extra moisure repellency, is applied to your furniture at no extra charge, to effectively retard soils and stains.
  • Treatments such as carpet protector, odor control, and static electricity control are available. Charges are figured only on the actual area covered.
  • Motor homes, Boats, and Auto interiors can be cleaned on location–including furniture in your motor home!