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A Few No-No’s:


  1. Never remove protective blocks or foil tabs from beneath furniture legs until carpet is thoroughly dry.
  2. Do not allow fabrics, such as draperies or bedspreads, to come into contact with carpet while it is damp.
  3. Never close off a room until carpet is dry.
  4. Try to avoid traffic on a damp carpet. Remove shoes or make sure they are clean if it is necessary to walk on the carpet. Paper or plastic will impede drying and should not be used unless absolutely necessary.

After Your Carpet is Thoroughly Dry:

  1. Resume normal daily vacuuming.
  2. Sponge up spills immediately. (Follow directions given on the "spills and stains" page.)

Additional Suggestions:

When carpet is crushed or matted from the pressure of furniture legs, etc., brush lightly or use the edge of a coin to rough it up. Place a steam iron a few inches from the surface, spray with steam and brush. Repeat the process until pile is standing up again. Never touch the iron to carpet. Brush with stiff bristled brush. Hair spray may be used to set carpet pile that is not resilient.

When a carpet is damp for any reason, be sure to place pieces of aluminum foil under the legs of furniture in contact with the damp area. Metal tips will rust and leave a spot on the carpet, and even furniture polish might be drawn into the carpet to leave a stain. Never vacuum a damp carpet!